Random Abstraction: Abstract Paintings

Original eclectic mixed media art.

"Es's paintings are both whimsical and dark. [They have] a knack for mixing light humor with its ominous underside. The work is bold in its approach, combining complex compositional choices with freeform images and marks. The collages combine painterly surfaces with embroidery and applied textures, successfully adding to the layers of the narratives.

"[Their] work often draws upon her family background in the garment industry, and at times [their] work is based on autobiographical narratives. We can relate to [their] dialogue as [they] focus on our shortcomings and our innocent wanderings in the structured world into which we are born. [Their] many projects push the unique reasoning into a magical world of their own--a world that is parallel to the one we inhabit."

- Kim Abeles, Artist

These paintings are primarily created in oils on canvas, linen, or birch panels, and some include paper collage. I like experimenting with mixed media--and will often use materials from the garment trade because I grew up working in the apparel industry cutting patterns. Using different media is they way I like to express myself. Even when I address abstract themes, I still like my work to include a narrative in some way. I try to give all my paintings some kind of personal touch or personality through my ideas and/or compositions.