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I’m finally feeling like I’m getting things done, probably because I AM! The To-Do list is finally getting shorter (I never thought that would happen), and I sent out my newsletter on Tuesday. (Sign up now!) I wanted to give my mailing list first dibs on pre-purchasing signed copies of my books and giving them first crack at the big discount on the limited edition copies. Everyone gets a bit more than two weeks at the pre-sale price, which is a $100 savings. Lots of bang for your buck, as they say.  But there was one piece of news I had to leave out of the newsletter that I will announce now.

What What

What on Earth? Time keeps ticking. I keep losing it. My deadlines are fast approaching and my “ToDo” list stays relatively the same: around 25 things I have to do (right away!). Every time I turn around, I forget that I have to add something. At least I’m set up to work on the last of the drawings now. This table was an absolute catastrophe yesterday. Now it’s all better.

Not an Expert, But…

An article by yours truly was posted on Two Drops of Ink this morning. Two Drops, as I like to call it for short, is an exceedingly informative site for readers and writers alike. I wanted to share a bit about what I knew in regards to memoir-writing since I have a little experience now.  They were nice enough to publish for me, so check it out when you can.

Time’s A’ Wastin’

Here it is, the end of February already. (I wrote this yesterday) Time is ticking. I can hear it. No, really. There is a clock in my kitchen that clicks every second, and it drives me crazy. It clicks while I paint in the dining room and I wonder why I don’t buy one that’s silent.

4am But WTF?

I’ve been trying to understand how it is that I’ve been waking up at 4am everyday, yet it seems like so little is getting accomplished.

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