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Something Perfect

I got the new and improved, corrected perfect-bound proof and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s perfect! Finally! Praise Moses and the sky! I can hardly believe it.

Time’s A’ Wastin’

Here it is, the end of February already. (I wrote this yesterday) Time is ticking. I can hear it. No, really. There is a clock in my kitchen that clicks every second, and it drives me crazy. It clicks while I paint in the dining room and I wonder why I don’t buy one that’s silent.

All I Have Now

And we’re back! Been crazy busy with everything in the last weeks–and what else is new? So here’s the news…

Change of Plans

How quickly things can change, and change again. Flicking roller coasters. I started to feel all squared away last week, then a few days ago I got overwhelmed again. By this morning, I thought everything was falling back into place, but wait, hold on. No. Not so.

Chipping Away

Things are going, going, going. Every time I think I’m getting a lot done, I get a lot more done. It’s like I waved some magic wand over January, but I didn’t. Because, that would mean it was all effortless. And that’s just not true. I’ve been working on those special editions of Shrapnel and each include a small, 5 x 8 inch watercolor painting. I’m making 30 books in all: 26 lettered ones, an Artist Proof, a bon à tirer (B.A.T.), a Hors Commerce (HC) that can be used as a sample for handling, and at least one trial proof. A lot of fancy French terms are used in edition printing…

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