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What’s the frequency? Lots. I mean, high? It’s a high frequency? I don’t know why I started off this way, or posed this question, or why I would give REM a plug, but it’s damn interesting, since I’d just been reading about REM sleep, and not in a dream either. I’m pretty sure I was awake.

To Do or Not to Do

There’s been much to do — stuff being done and yet to be. Much junk in my head I want to pursue, and will.

I just wish I had enough days, or hours where I can find myself awake to get some momentum. What can I say? I try.

What’s Going on Out of the Box?

Before I talk about my bitchen new watercolor box that I’ve been meaning to post about for a while now, I’ll give you the goings on about what’s happened in the last week.

My Brain Has Been Hurting, What Else Can be New?

Despite the grim — albeit obviously sarcastic title of this post (you have to point that out to people sometimes), I do have some good news a’brewing. It’s big, so I’ll leave it for later down the post. This also gives me some time to hear back from my contact person as to whether I can speak about it yet. But geez, now I’m making it sound bigger than it is. I swear, this post is not going to be much different than my others. I shouldn’t have said anything. How do I get myself into these pickled predicaments? Gah.

What is a Chapbook?

What is a chapbook, and where have I been? More on the latter in a minute. First off, the chapbook bit. These days, more people seem to know the answer to this question, but not too long ago — when I told people I was working on such a thing (and they weren’t exactly a “book person”) — they’d look at me with an upside down head and ask, “What is a chapbook??”

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