Drums, Blah

Yeah yeah yeah….. I set my drums up in my studio. It was a pain in the ass – had to rearrange a lot of stuff blah blah blah. Energy: Gone, really sore all over, oh my achin’ reah reah reah… Too depressed to write a blog post. An honest one anyway. Meds sucking. Here’s a pic, but I made a whole page about it on my site here.

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  • Shawn Burkley Reply

    It was such a great pleasure to play with you back in the day. Pretty sure the joy will return with the first downbeat. 😉

    • carol es Reply

      Thanks Shawn! It is a very nice surprise to hear from you, and with such warmy wishes. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Alice Mwandigha Reply

    Carol – you fuckin ROCKED back in the day. Im so amazed to see how talented you are in all the things you do.

    • carol es Reply

      ALICE! I had to find you on Google+ to see what Alice you were and there you were – looking EXACTLY the same! How’d you do dat? And you have a new last name from the African continent! You’ll have to fill me in on that. Your child (if that’s yours in the pic) is cute as a baby bunny cupcake pie!

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