No Plan B

Don’t you hate it when plans go to shit, or they drastically change and you just can’t get with the program? It’s like I have everything and nothing going on at the same time – a lot like what death is supposed to be. Maybe. Have I become too grim now?

The Spark is Done!

Remind me not to make any more Artist’s books for a while. I mean, how long did this thing take me? I guess they all take a while, and I was just working this. I have plenty of other things going on. I keep thinking I have rest coming my way. It never comes.

Now all 20 books are finally finished! I can’t flippin believe it. I even built an order page on my website. (GO TO IT NOW!) I was talking about a pre-order price of $150 all this time and because you weren’t listening, I’m going to extend it until the end of August. I decided to price them at $199. after that. Don’t you want to save 25 percent?

When Will it End?

I keep thinking I will be done with this edition in a few days. Then a few days more, then a few days more. It’s taking me a lot longer than I thought. I thought it was a pretty simple book, but maybe it’s not. And unfortunately, I also have to fit the rest of my life into everything else I do too. Truthfully, I don’t even know what that entails half the time.

More Sparks Fly Pages

Still working on The Spark book. Probably the most boring subject matter you’ve been reading about on here lately, but it’s been quite the task. So I’m writing about it. I was up at 5:30 a.m. again – chopping paper in the garage (studio) so I wouldn’t get stuck doing it after the blazing sun popped up and lit my dreadlocks on fire. Have I mentioned how hot it’s been? And humid too – yuck! So I finally got all the pages measured and cut, including the fly pages!

To Do

Suddenly my To-do list went from short and sweet – maybe even a bit boring – to a small mountain pile of plans.  This is not too bad, really. There are still no deadlines here. I am being good about that – disallowing them that is. But I do want to get moving on the ideas I am excited about. The only real obstacle, if I can even call it that, is finishing up projects that I’ve already started. Like, The Spark.

A New Day

Happy Independence Day. Or, for some of you who’ve forgot what today is all about, Happy Firecracker Day! Now please stay out of my neighborhood so I can get some sleep. And while I’m thinking about important documents, that brings me to the main reason I haven’t been around lately. I was rewriting my memoir (yes, again) and have been focused on that for the last six weeks. It’s been a good way to distract myself from all the dumpy doldrums I’ve been in for almost a year.