New Lease on Life

I am hoping that by writing the above title, my luck will soon be changing–because Sunday we finally signed a lease on a new place. I can hardly believe it!

You Have Made it to Number 49

No, it is not my birthday. Believe it or not, after wrapping more than 250 pieces of art — that’s both mine and of my collection of others’ — and I have 49 left to go.

There is No Beacon

No. This is not part of my STUFF series. Sometimes writing into this blog is my only solace. I’ve heard somewhere that the biggest traumatic events in a person’s life are that of death and moving. I’m pretty sure I heard it like that. I have to agree, as the mourning and the grieving, as well as the pain and the suffering you endure during the process is absolutely unending.

STUFF! What’s in the Cart?

What is in this cart you ask? You won’t believe it. I stuffed it with lots and lots of incentive is what I did, as part of my ongoing series about my moving and purging and mentioned in my last post, earlier today HERE.

STUFF! The Catalyst

Is this even part of the STUFF! series? It’s about the whole saga, so I suppose it is. This would then make it the 5th entry. Stop by the others  here (one)here (two)here (three) and here (four) if you missed the excitement.

STUFF! Uncovering More

Sorry for the delay folks, but lots happening here. I realize I’ve been cryptic about what’s going on, so now I’ll fill those in that have been worrying about me and why I am getting rid of my stuff. I began posting about this here on my blog here (one)here (two) and here (three). I hope people will continue to consider taking some of these things off my hands. For instance: