I recently made a blog post on my other blog — my “writing” blog, Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley, about how close to “done” I was with the rewrite of my book. That post is titled, June 1st, because that’s when it will be all wrapped up: before four days from today. However, as far as the actual rewriting goes: I AM DONE!

Hashtag Me Too

Very recently, certain things have been coming out in the news, on the web, in investigative reporting, on Twitter, published in books, and in the general media. Sexual assault on women, specifically, is in the public eye. It’s sparked an entire movement, not just in Hollywood, but in our society to make it easier for more women to come out, and speak up. All you have to do is type the numeral symbol with “me too,” and you can be a voyeur to the conversation, which leads me into something I’ve been meaning to talk about.

Twenty-four of 40

Hi. Anybody out there? Are you still with me? Am I writing into the ether? Well, aren’t we all. It’s hard to come to terms with the idea that there’s no one there. There might be. Who are we writing to? The ether is my friend. Embrace the fucking ether!

Miffteen and Seven

Well, it’s been a long time and a lot has happened. Big changes. Really, it’s like another world.

New Lease on Life

I am hoping that by writing the above title, my luck will soon be changing–because Sunday we finally signed a lease on a new place. I can hardly believe it!

You Have Made it to Number 49

No, it is not my birthday. Believe it or not, after wrapping more than 250 pieces of art — that’s both mine and of my collection of others’ — and I have 49 left to go.