In All the Other New(s)

Well no more wondering about what I’m going to put on the covers of the flash drive boxes. I’ve found these playing cards on eBay that I’m going use. They excite me, as I sort of fell in love with them. Maybe I’ll even place another playing card in the box. It depends on what I feels like doing. I just got the deck today. Still, all the little details on this book are moving damn slow.

All in Black

Oh, I’ve been having such fun lately. First this depression – then, when I find something to distract me from all of that (like making these little books to go with the flash drives), my Epson Stylus Photo R2880 takes a big crap on me. Actually, it’s more like it’s taken hundreds of craps on me – all day, everyday, for the last few days. I’ve just about had it. I’m on the verge of throwing the thing through the window. And maybe I would if it wasn’t such an incredible machine otherwise.

Loose Ends

I haven’t forgotten about some of the things I’ve brought up – and then sort of promised I’d expound on later on. In fact, my brain doesn’t let me forget when I have hanging chads or loose ends just sitting around, even if they sit there for days, weeks, months. Maybe even a year or two. I mean, it depends on what it is. But even emails I want to return, that deserve my full attention, can sometimes sit in my inbox for nearly a year before I can file them somewhere else. I mentioned in Sorting it Out how I would post that doodle drawing I did on the inside of the Today’s Quandary. copy I sent out to Hosho McCreesh, so here’s that:

Happy Nude Year

So I wrote something quite like this late last night on the Exodus Project blog. Please excuse me if I repeat some of this information, but I have had some sleep since then. I’ve probably thought up new stuff. Maybe I won’t repeat it all. I know I’ll repeat some of the “newsy” bits, like how I’ve been working on laying out my new artist book called, the Spark – which will be going inside of the Up to Now flash drive cases.

Sorting it Out

Happy Hanukkah. Happy belated Christmas, and all the other holidays you might observe, or have observed. By the time I finally publish this blog post it will probably be 2017. It’s taking me forever to write this thing. I’ve been trying to sort it all out the last week or so, but that doesn’t mean I have. I think, though, that’s what’s important; the trying to. Isn’t it? Isn’t that what’s important? MJP says filling the well is what’s important, so I’m doing that too. Or trying to.

I Saw the Sign

Ever since I created the other two  blog/sites, and ever since I posted Surprise! on the Exodus Project‘s blog website, I have been reconsidering a lot of things about my art career. First, I had to get a few things squared away before focusing on all that though. And that was good, because I really didn’t want to think about it. Plus, I’ve been sick. For a long time in fact. It’s all been reminding me a little bit of the days when I stopped playing the drums. I didn’t want to have to face facts, so I carried on with the things I had to do so I could distract myself. In this case, I was in hyper-focus – learning more CSS and php, how to make WordPress web pages, and concurrently, I was working on a couple of grant applications too. In fact, I couldn’t even finish one of them on time. That was a first for me. So, I took it as sign.