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The second leg of my blog tour has started up this week and I’m a little behind on getting the news out on that, so oopsy and sorry, but I did post some recent news on Monday. That’s something, right? I just haven’t promoted it until now.

Words and Art and Thoughts and Stuff

The other day I got a really great review posted on Amazon from writer Peter Clothier. I was going to quote some parts of it, which I will for promotion sake, but for the love of god and the sake of my blog, I had to post it here in full:

People Get Ready: SATURDAY IS NEAR!

Yesterday, after spending Monday and Tuesday prepping, wrapping, and packing up my work into two cars, Michael and I drove through the the famous Los Angeles traffic into Santa Monica: the extreme East Side to the West, 14 paintings on canvas in my car, and 15 framed drawings in his.

Chipping Away

Things are going, going, going. Every time I think I’m getting a lot done, I get a lot more done. It’s like I waved some magic wand over January, but I didn’t. Because, that would mean it was all effortless. And that’s just not true. I’ve been working on those special editions of Shrapnel and each include a small, 5 x 8 inch watercolor painting. I’m making 30 books in all: 26 lettered ones, an Artist Proof, a bon à tirer (B.A.T.), a Hors Commerce (HC) that can be used as a sample for handling, and at least one trial proof. A lot of fancy French terms are used in edition printing…

Happy Old Year: a look back

As hard as I tried to stay up til midnight on New Years Eve, I just couldn’t make it. So, it’s official. I’m old!

I woke up to 2019, early, as usual, and felt much the same as I did the year before. Only now I feel that stupid obligation to make changes to “better” myself. Great. More pressure.

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