So How Was Your Last Weekend?

Maybe you’re wondering how mine went since Saturday was probably one of the most important days ever. Well, the verdict is in and according to the jury (the many little birdies and forest animals that surround me and follow me wherever I go), it went fantastic! The whole night played out beyond my expectations, even though I really didn’t have any expectations. Honestly, I just wanted to get through it. Which I did. It wasn’t as torturous as I thought it would be either, probably because I felt so incredibly supported.

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Look Ma, I’m in the Newspaper!

Woop woop! Today I am featured in the LA WEEKLY! No April foolin’ around. Maybe it’s not April Fool’s Day at all. For me, it’s Lucky Day! I mean it must be since I’m fortunate enough to be part of Shana Ny Dambrot’s “Meet the Artist” series. Someone must’ve hit me over the head with a horseshoe when I wasn’t looking. That might explain a lot of other stuff not related to luck at all.

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I just posted the other day, but now I must announce that an excerpt of my book is up on Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker today. I consider this a pretty big deal. I visit his site quite frequently, as he is always on top of the very-most breaking news regarding Scientology. Tony is the former editor of the Village Voice, and is an excellent journalist. He’s had a critical focus on Scientology since 1995–when he published a book about Paulette Cooper. Cooper is known as being the target of one of Scientology’s biggest terror campaigns in the 1970s and 80s. The goal was to utterly ruin her mentally, jail, or kill her for writing a critical article, then a book about how badly they’d been harassing her and critics of the cult. It was a six-year operation and lawsuits went on for decades. Eventually, Scientology offices were raided by the FBI, but I digress…