DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) And The Aftermath: Part II

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The next morning was Saturday, the day of my opening at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica. Hannah and I got on the road from Joshua Tree at 10:30 AM and headed for LA.

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You Can’t Eat Art

I may have mentioned recently that I’ve been doing the Noom program since late December. Hannah and I started it the week of the Christmas holiday, which was probably the worst time to begin since we went on vacation to Lake Arrowhead. I’m notorious for eating like shit when I’m out of town.

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Getting Ready Stuff

The other day I got a nice comment on my blog, but Hannah took it off. Some asshole told me to man-up and get over myself. Well, maybe I should, but why are they reading my blog if they dislike me so much? Go away, doo-doo head. 

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