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Die with the Buffalo

Anyone who knows me knows I have a strange love for the high desert. I say strange only because many people may not see why something so hot and “barren” can be so beloved. To them I say they either haven’t spent the right kind of time there, or they’re probably already at peace with themselves.

Current Stuff

Sorry to be scarce. I’ve a lot of personal stuff going on lately. However, My show, Memoir at Craig Krull Gallery is doing very well and is still up until this Saturday.


The second leg of my blog tour has started up this week and I’m a little behind on getting the news out on that, so oopsy and sorry, but I did post some recent news on Monday. That’s something, right? I just haven’t promoted it until now.


I just posted the other day, but now I must announce that an excerpt of my book is up on Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker today. I consider this a pretty big deal. I visit his site quite frequently, as he is always on top of the very-most breaking news regarding Scientology. Tony is the former editor of the Village Voice, and is an excellent journalist. He’s had a critical focus on Scientology since 1995–when he published a book about Paulette Cooper. Cooper is known as being the target of one of Scientology’s biggest terror campaigns in the 1970s and 80s. The goal was to utterly ruin her mentally, jail, or kill her for writing a critical article, then a book about how badly they’d been harassing her and critics of the cult. It was a six-year operation and lawsuits went on for decades. Eventually, Scientology offices were raided by the FBI, but I digress…

What What

What on Earth? Time keeps ticking. I keep losing it. My deadlines are fast approaching and my “ToDo” list stays relatively the same: around 25 things I have to do (right away!). Every time I turn around, I forget that I have to add something. At least I’m set up to work on the last of the drawings now. This table was an absolute catastrophe yesterday. Now it’s all better.

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