For one year, this was the storefront art studio I rented in Highland Park on Monte Vista. I made many improvements to it because I'd planned on staying there for years, but it just didn't turn out that way.

Los Angeles mixed media artist, Ayin Es - drawing of the storefront studio in Highland Park: Moppet

I cleaned and acid washed the cement floors then sealed them with a nice stain. I painted, installed a bitchen fire door, got custom light blinds, and painted some of the trim on the outside. It was really a cool place when I was done with it, but it wasn't right. I was interrupted all the time because it was on the street. I got tagged and broken windows at times. It was loud and I couldn't concentrate. My parents had recently died and I was having PTSD. I gave it up at the end of my lease, but it was taken over by a good artist friend of mine. Thank goodness.