Hunting and Gathering

Whelp, I’m leaving for my month-long artist’s residency in Joshua Tree Thursday morning, and I’ve been gathering up all my art supplies. I’m going to need to be ready by tomorrow night so I can just load up my car and go, but I’m still a little scatter-brained on what I’m bringing.


If I Wasn’t Sad Enough

One of my all time heroes has up and passed away to be with the love of his life, one of my other heroes.


What a beautiful couple, eh? Both Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner are two of the most irreplaceable comic actors of our time.

Preparing For My Artist Residency

Still working on the turtle house, little by little, because I’ve been busy with other things lately. Namely, getting my whole world prepared for departing from my regular life for a whole month. I’ll be out of here in less than a week now and I have a lot to square away. I would like to finish this painting before I go, but I don’t know if that will happen. I’m busy and I’m lacking the motivation. I might end up bringing it with me to my artist residency in Joshua Tree.


Thank You Amy Schumer

I just had to give props to Amy Schumer for speaking out about the sexual assault made on her by a former boyfriend. Please go to the link, as it is important fucking info.


Personal Little Art Thoughts

Just writing and doing a little bit of drawing, not enough painting (as usual) but I am inspired. Luckily, not too inspired, like I was kind of complaining about the other day. I’ve been having these personal little art thoughts though.


Over Inspired

Yesterday I typed “over-inspired” into Google because that was how I was feeling. I wondered if anyone else in the world felt the same way. Much to my surprise, a bunch of articles came up. Not just from artists, but from people in all kinds of creative industries. Okay, so I’m not the only one out there. But what does that even mean anyway?

5.lisa sanditz

Above painting by Lisa Sanditz