Up To Now Video – Now on YouTube!

At long last, the YouTube version of Up To Now is here! It is on Vimeo as well. Either way you slice it, it is now available to view. But it is the low resolution version you will see (for free), so bear in mind that it is not the Hi-def HD version that I am selling as a very special edition flash drive that you are more than welcome to buy for $45 on my site.


Tying Up Loose Ends

I can’t believe it, but I finally finished this “therapy” painting that I pulled out from long ago. This is not a great photograph of it yet, but here it is: Suspension, 2015. Oil on canvas, 36 x 26 inches.


New Inspired Paintings Are ‘a Brewin’

Carol Es - New Inspired Paintings Are 'a Brewin'

For the first time late last night I began to get totally inspired paintings in my head. I was looking around on the internet like I usually do at art and I saw some work by Debra Smith that really inspired me. It makes me want to take my mixed media works to a whole new level. I thought about drawing out some compositions, but I was so crazy tired, I couldn’t it. I was nodding off at my computer (which I often do) and I had to get myself into the bed before I slammed my nose into my keyboard.

New Carol Es Artist Website is Here

My new artist website is up and running!

Carol Es' New Artist Website is Here!

Peter Frank is on my Resume!


Good News first, right? I got a review! It was written by Peter Frank in Artillery Magazine that just came out! And it wasn’t just a good review, it was a great review. I am so happy!

Bumps in the Road

I was driving in a mini van with a bunch of friends through a tunnel near LAX and there was a graffiti on the wall that said something like “IN LIFE there are bumps in the road.”