Done. Again?


Seriously? Do I mean I’m done with Shrapnel? Isn’t that what I said last week? And the week before? Why should you even believe me this time? Well, let me tell you…

Bipolar Sundaes and Roller Coasters


Wow. I haven’t been here since October 2nd? Well, I’ve been entirely buried in Shrapnel, just like I said I’d be. Lisa Teasley will be taking my manuscript sometime near the beginning of next month to edit, and hopefully shorten, and then give it back. Then I’ll see if I have any semblance of a book. I’ve obviously been very impatient these last few months, and especially weeks. I’ve probably been a bit annoying writing about going through this whole process – but I just want to say to any readers out there, thank you for bearing with me.

I Digress…And This is Long

I’ll talk a bit about some art stuff, but then – I’m just warning you – I’ll then be going on a long, extensive twiddle-twaddle about the book. It’s because October is here and it’s the last leg in my plan before I get this thing off to my editor, but I digress. First, here’s where that watercolor is. It’s not much further along than where it was last time we spoke. It’s been a slow progression because I’ve been busy with other things.


Artist’s Grants, etc.

I haven’t much worked on the big watercolor in the past couple of days, because as I mentioned before, I am working on the COLA grant application. The COLA is just a faster way to describe the City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Fellowship. I’ve actually been working on a couple of grants. But I did do what I said I would with that area in the foreground. I went crazy overkill with making all kinds of squiggly lines. I like how it turned out because it makes no kind of friggin’ sense.


What Happened To Me?

What happened to me is that I had to come back from my residency early. Honestly, the landscape was beautiful and all, but I was having a mental health emergency. It had something to do with the cabin not having the right kind of light to paint by – or something.


With a Nameless Horse

Oops. This should have posted on the 10th:

Greetings from Yucca Valley! I am staying at one of the Joshua Tree Highland Artist’s Residency sites this month, specifically the Rieman House in Flamingo Heights, about 25 minutes from the Joshua Tree National Park.