Little Candid Things

Still down and out, but I’ve been trying to work a bit to get my mind off of shit.


Happy Birthday, Me.

Even with my brand new air conditioning unit in my studio, it just doesn’t seem to cut it in this extreme heat wave we’ve been having. Yesterday and today it’s well above 100 degrees and it’s not been fun. Yesterday I was nauseous and had a headache all day, and I tried to drink as much water as I could. I probably shouldn’t have been outside though. I had to drive to the San Fernando Valley, and that was just idiotic. By the time I got home, I’d already melted.

How’d I Do Dat?

How did I do this in the last five days? I just finished the third draft of my memoir. I thought I was a little more than half way done with it five days ago. Maybe it has something to do with working and not sleeping? Ha!


Not a Hack

I haven’t mentioned this bit of news yet – I didn’t want to jinx it…then I realized that I don’t believe in that sort of stuff, so here goes:


I was nominated for a FOCA Fellowship a couple months ago. I won’t know if I will have won until November, but just being nominated is a pretty huge honor. Each year, three artists are awarded the fellowship from a pool of 50, but I believe this year the pool is only 30. I’m not sure if that makes my chances better or if they are handing out one less award, or what. Regardless, I am still honored. If I so happened to get it, I will be surprised and floored, humbled, and very fortunate indeed.

Ta Dah!

This painting is finally finished! I finished it a couple days ago actually, but I’ve had my head up, I mean in, other things lately.



I didn’t think I would simultaneously be able to work on my book and a painting at the same time, but that’s what I’ve been doing this past week or so. I’m a regular multitasker, even though I don’t really believe in such things. Who knew?