New Carol Es Artist Website is Here

My new artist website is up and running!

Carol Es' New Artist Website is Here!

Peter Frank is on my Resume!


Good News first, right? I got a review! It was written by Peter Frank in Artillery Magazine that just came out! And it wasn’t just a good review, it was a great review. I am so happy!

Bumps in the Road

I was driving in a mini van with a bunch of friends through a tunnel near LAX and there was a graffiti on the wall that said something like “IN LIFE there are bumps in the road.”


Clean Slate


It’s been over a week since I’ve quit smoking now and they say that after the first week, you have overcome your battle with “physical” withdrawal. The rest is in your mind. I’m not sure how that works out since I’m on the patch, but I can say that I am starting to feel a little bit better. The cravings are less at the very least and I am back to painting, but just a tad. Nothing too ambitious or anything.

Happy Birthday Dad

Miss you. Behave.

Calvin Jenson Snyder (May 31, 1927 – August 24, 2008)


Natural Born Rant


What a day (the day before) yesterday. I started out trying to put some time into this watercolor. See? Not. You can hardly see what’s going on here with this horrible picture, but it’s going to be a kind of abstract cityscape of Jerusalem. …one day.