Turtle House Rock

Done and done. It only took a year for God sake! Sorry about the blurry picture, but I’ll get one with a tripod soon.

Trust Your Gut

Just reaching out, but not so much as to open my front door over the past week. It was too hot out there! Did you go out there? Jeez. It was crazy hot and humid here. It’s finally cooled down to the freezing upper 80s, so now it’s “nice” outside. I know I should not comment on the weather here when, A. us Californians have no right to do that, and B. the country has suffered enough already. However, I do not comment on news or current events on this blog. I try not to anyway. But I think it goes without saying that I feel horrible about these disasters. I think we all feel horrible.

Little by Little – Maybe I’ll Get There

It’s been a month since I finished my multimedia Artist’s book, The Spark. By now, you’d think I’d be back in the studio – painting. But I still can’t get my head there. It’s funny because my heart is there, just not my mind.

No Plan B

Don’t you hate it when plans go to shit, or they drastically change and you just can’t get with the program? It’s like I have everything and nothing going on at the same time – a lot like what death is supposed to be. Maybe. Have I become too grim now?

The Spark is Done!

Remind me not to make any more Artist’s books for a while. I mean, how long did this thing take me? I guess they all take a while, and I was just working this. I have plenty of other things going on. I keep thinking I have rest coming my way. It never comes.

Now all 20 books are finally finished! I can’t flippin believe it. I even built an order page on my website. (GO TO IT NOW!) I was talking about a pre-order price of $150 all this time and because you weren’t listening, I’m going to extend it until the end of August. I decided to price them at $199. after that. Don’t you want to save 25 percent?

When Will it End?

I keep thinking I will be done with this edition in a few days. Then a few days more, then a few days more. It’s taking me a lot longer than I thought. I thought it was a pretty simple book, but maybe it’s not. And unfortunately, I also have to fit the rest of my life into everything else I do too. Truthfully, I don’t even know what that entails half the time.