Angel Paintings: Weird Contemporary Expressionistic Art

Mixed media oil and collage paintings of the lost angels of Los Angeles.

I began creating these angel paintings way back in 1992. They originally came about after the ending of a tragic loss of love. Then it morphed into some kind of autobiographical narrative about being in love with a character that was part vampire bat, part angelic junkie that represented my relationship with the city of Los Angeles and her passing lovers as a metaphor. My love affair with the city of Los Angeles runs deep through the blood in my veins. I have lived in nearly every neighborhood, walked the city blocks, and know the cracks in the streets. There isn't a city like it anywhere in the world. It is filled with every type of person, as they are from all over the world looking to pursue their truth, their dreams, and their identity. Los Angeles is packed with celebration, life, love and hate, depression and failure, rejection and success. You can be lost and found, have a name, or be completely faceless. Here, we are all angels in disguises.