Thomas Bros. Maps:

Mixed media watercolors on 1980s map pages.

Before there was GPS, we all used the Thomas Bros. Guide. At least I did. I used them in and around Southern California. Remember those? If so, you must be old like me. I couldn't get around without 'em. I enjoy painting little cartoons on top of certain places on these maps that have had special meaning to me: Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, and the high desert near Joshua Tree. Some imagery is lifted from actual family snap shots, some are toys, or memories from childhood. And then there are the trailers, which is an ongoing series. I love the look of them and making up new ones as I go along. But I love doing pretty much any kind of imagery on these little pages from the old Thomas Guides. I have stacks of the maps books from the 1980s. I've also done commissions on these, and I can do one for you too. Just ask me.