Ayin Es

Artist's Statement

Born and raised in the great city of Los Angeles, the streets and neighborhoods run deep through my veins. But now, I currently live in the high desert of Joshua Tree, two hours east of LA. I moved here for the beauty, the peace, and solitude.

As a transqueer artist, I am attuned to living life authentically without playing by binary rules. I don't tie myself down to one medium. Instead, I get inspired by the materials I use and discover new directions through that process.

Having an early background in the garment manufacturing industry, this history often shows up in my work, but I believe in creating singular artworks as they come to me. By simultaneously experimenting on themes, I develop distinct series, building ongoing works that depict visceral, existential narratives. These are driven by self-reflective thoughts and ideas, raw grit, and vulnerability. Though the imagery is often absurd, commingling with my candid theories of personal transparency and redemption, this act of revealing myself is also a way to distract myself from a damaged past.