Carol Es une Monographie de Lignes

A Monograph in Lines by Carol Es, 2014.

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This is a kind of autobiography, but instead of using my words, I drew pictures! Some are drawings from ideas I had long ago that are re-drawn or slightly reinvented, and some are brand new. Over the course of 10 months or so, I carefully focused on aspects of my personal life and my artistic growth. It took a fair amount of time and organization to pare it down into categories, but eventually I edited it into four sections: childhood, artistic influences, past paintings, and things I hold close to my heart. I feel that my drawings have a life of their own after I make them, so in that sense, I hope people can enjoy this collection of drawings as much as I enjoy working with them.

This book is titled in French, but I'll tell you, I have absolutely no connection to the French language or food, the French flag, nor France. I also do not speak French. Nothing about this book is French. Not a damn thing. It was titled in French because I was looking for the most pretentious way to make the book seem really important and noble. Nothing against the French, but the whole idea made me laugh.

Carol Es une Monographie de Lignes (8.5 x 8.5 inches) is filled with 65 black ink illustrations. There is also a Foreword written by the loveable mjp. These books are hand bound by Bill Roberts of Bottle of Smoke Press in hardcover with fine papers and letterpressed on both the front and the back sides. Each are signed and numbered (by me), and each include an original colored pencil drawing in the front of the book. This hardbound first edition is limited to only 30 copies and also come with a clear, Dura-Lar jacket to protect its archival elements.

Sounds pretty nice doesn't it? It is! And it's a bargain too.

Current Price: $150.


Here are a few drawings in the book: