Works on Paper:

Water media: (watercolors and gouache with pen and ink).

"If you want to feel something, if you want to see art that doesn't hold anything back, that doesn't hide behind bloodless concepts and constructs, art that leaves every last god damned morsel of itself on the page or the stage or the canvas or brick wall of a downtown building, seek out the artists who are compelled. Who create because they don't have a choice in the matter. You may not love everything that they make. But you will feel it. You will know deep inside that it's genuine. They will never let you down.

"I don't believe that Ayin Es is one of those artists, I know they are."

- Hannah Phillips

These are various selected paintings where I used different water media including gouache, watercolors and Sukura inks; some even have collage elements too. I absolutely love beautiful papers. I'd drool all over them if it wouldn't ruin the paper. I paint on Fabriano Artistico, Arches, handmade papers, Strathmore, illustration boards, and #300 cold press watercolor papers, or, whatever works well. I like a smooth surface over a rough, porous type of paper, which makes for a more illustrative result.

My very first-ever paintings were mostly watercolor. I also used egg tempera and got used to the flow of the transparency of this kind of painting. It would be some years before I'd discover oil painting, so I made over a hundred pieces in watercolor before working in oil paints.