Connected, 2010.

Fabric, embroidery, and mixed media on linen,

30 x 40 inches.

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About This Artwork: This idea drove me a little kookoo and was costly, but the first part came together quickly.

I got the idea to make many Dans facing this way then that way in all different fabrics. on top of a linen canvas. I bought all the fabrics that I wanted. I suppose I could have picked out scraps, but I couldn't find scraps in the ones I wanted, so I had to get 1 or 2 yards in each.

What took forever was outlining them in embroidery. And after I finally did that, I hated it. I turned it to the wall for weeks and pulled it out a day before my 2010 solo show. It seemed to be everyone's favorite piece. Isn't that funny how that works?