Who is Dan?

And where does he come from?

Maybe you've noticed that Dan seems indifferent because he is neither smiling nor frowning because his mouth is just a straight line. Still, he seems to bring cheer to those around him anyway. He's magic like that.

Dan only speaks in colors, stripes or Hebrew letters, if at all. He also appears in different colors at times, but his natural color is light yellow ochre. He also likes to eat celery and brownie bits, but not at the same time.

Dan was born inside of a Gimmel machine. Believe it...or not! His first words were the color yellow.

As the story goes, long before the birth of Dan coming into physical existence, he lived in a parallel universe called Dantasia. He lived there with insects and colors, and things that resembled trees, but once he found out that this parallel land doesn't physically exist, Dan got upset and became an staunch existentialist. He now has many other interests, such as upside down rainbows, roller skating, black holes, flowers, and turpentine. He knows he can't exist on Earth without some amount of turpentine, but he prefers Turpinoid Natural. He is much less smelly that way, not that he would notice since Dan is usually on Xanax.

Before Dan was born in color, he appeared one day in Ayin Es's pocket sized, moleskin sketchbook. It was when Ayin had been sad for a long while and then suddenly, Dan appeared! At first, it was in a rough manner and his name was very nearly "Glen." But then a few more waves of the pen, and there he was, exactly as you see him now: Dan - a life-saving, positive character that conquers depression. That's another reason why Dan is magic.