Edith, 2012.

Oil on canvas,

20 x 16 inches.

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About This Artwork: I went to the UCLA Hammer Museum Shop and found a book of Eva Hesse paintings from 1960. I can't describe the intense inspiration it gave me, but I was driven to try making a loosely painted portrait with a lot of texture and revealing brush strokes. It was difficult for me to keep it this loose, but I am happy with the result. I have since been planning to do an entire series of portraits in this style, but I am still being plagued by ambiguous narratives that sometimes include my characters, and sometimes depict a more absurd abstraction of shapes and color. In a perfect world, I would marry together this painting with Held by Sheer Willingness and perhaps arrive at the new plateau I've been trying to get to for a very long time. Edith is not a specific Edith that I know, but just the name that came to me when she was completed.