Held by Sheer Willingness, 2012.

Oil on linen,

20 x 20 inches.

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About This Artwork: I became an existentialist at 40. This painting is the beginning of my more minimal stage, a transitional piece to be sure. In giving my life meaning, I also give life and meaning to my paintings. In this case, I am removing more and more of the literal narrative (like the little cartoon characters), and replacing them with basic forms that are based on emotions. The little feet give life to the bent over form, as if representing a person who is bending over backwards and banging its head into the floor. If it weren't for the flimsy, black sticks, holding it all together, this shape could go ape-shit crazy, run a muck, or wreak havoc. It is in fear of losing control, and unknowingness. And, of course, the fear of death. So essentially it is about the fragility of holding oneself together in crisis.