Shekinah, 2015.

Oil and pastels, paper garment patterns, and embroidery thread stitched on canvas,

20 x 20 inches.

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About This Artwork: I began this painting as one of the first in the Exodus/Kabbalah series, as part of the Exodus Project that began in April of 2014, but I didn't come back to finish it until the beginning of August of 2015.

The foundation of this painting was built on multiple transparent layers of paint over paper patterns arranged to form the Hebrew letter tet. The pieces were finally stitched to the canvas with embroidery thread after the paint and oil pastels had dried.

Shekinah is the female side, or female name for God and I used it with the letter tet since there is a lot of meaning behind tet as the concealed power or potential to bear creation much like a woman gives birth to a child, and even has similarities to pregnancy - comparing the light hidden in the Torah as if the Torah is the womb that gives life to all that is good.

That's just one very small example though.