Remember, 2008.

Oil, acrylic, paper, and graphite on wood panel,

20 x 20 inches.

Image detail

About This Artwork: Moppet remembers when she was a whole girl. Since then, she has become half child, half ragdoll with weak, rickety apparatuses for legs, and wheels for feet. Once upon a time, Moppet was a girl with dreams and a dog. She stood outside of the black hole and knew herself. She knew that being sucked into the black hole was not productive. Even her dog would advise her against it. She would pass any open windows in her socks and create Omni-universes in her mind, and live there instead of her real house, where crazy people lived. Anytime she would feel sad in life, she just told herself to remember who she really was, and she would stand outside of the black hole.