Kabbalah Tree of Life II, 2014.

Watercolor and ink on paper,

15 x 10 inches.

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About This Artwork: This is my second attempt at creating a Kabbalah Tree of Life - a symbol that represents Jewish mysticism and the series of emanations of God's creations. This is actually a commission for Michael Verde of Memory Bridge in Chicago.

It took me a couple times of doing this before I got it right. In this case, I dyed the paper with a mixture of tea, watercolor and gouache, which I soaked the paper in for an hour or more to give it this antique look.

I have been diving into the meaning of kabbalah lately and it is really mind blowing. In essence, it is giving me a sense of spirituality that I have never had before where I can have my own relationship with the universe. ...whatever that means. :)