Oven Bath, 1989.

Mixed media acrylic and tempera on illustration board,

40 x 30 inches.

Not for sale

Oven Bath, painting, Mixed media acrylic and tempera on illustration board - Ayin Es

About This Artwork: This was my abstract interpretation of a man I knew when I worked in a drug rehab. His name was Walter and this is how he looked to me as a person. There was a sweat out program at the detox center where clients had to sit in a dry sauna for long periods of time, hence the title. It was originally called Beethoven as a play of the composer because he played classical music inside the sauna.

This painting has some rain damage from the garage at my parents house. I was living out of state and my father didn't move my paintings out of the way of a slow leak that ran through the room on a downward grade, so I lost a few paintings and a few I kept where the damage wasn't completely horrible.)