This & Before: Expressionistic Artworks

Weird oil paintings and mixed media collage.

"Ayin's (originally Carol's) practice is distinguished not only by a particular care and thoughtfulness to the materials and approaches [they] employ, but also, and perhaps more significantly, by a contemplative approach to of [their] unique position as an observer in the world...

"...[Their] work often employs elements that are unapologetically autobiographical, but imbued with a spirit that has universal appeal."

- Mark Steven Greenfield, Artist and Educator

The above is a random selection of work that hasn't been assigned to any particular series. Sometimes I make pieces within in a consistent body of work that compliment each other, and sometimes I don't. It depends if I want to explore a subject matter for an extended period of time. Many of my ideas come from dreaming, sometimes in fragments--other times, my mind will flood with moving compositions like animated cartoons. Then there will be days when I just paint and don't pay attention to any of these things. I'll have no other goals in mind except to make art.

I paint in a quirky style, and my sense of dark humor often shows through. Some people get it and some don't. That's okay. I am just looking to connect with those that want to understand. My purpose in painting is to express my inner-most feelings and share my imagination with others. I hope to connect with people in some way through the art itself. If I can do that, I have made a successful artwork and have done my job.