American Rhapsody: Watercolor Typography

Strange sayings on American Way True-Fit Patterns pages from 1969.

An artist friend of mine found this book at a yard sale. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid, because it is the industry standard on how to size garment patterns in apparel manufacturing: The American Way to True-Fit Patterns. This book was used by my father when he learned pattern making and sizing (grading) when going to LA Trade-tech many, many years ago.

When I got this book from my friend, I started pulling out the pages and painting random sayings on them--things that came into my head out of the blue. Most sayings were things my dad used to say. The series took off from there.

The things my dad used to say were either ignorant, or life lessons that were not very applicable. Either way, the ideas that came through my head were amusing, at least to me. Some of the thoughts are, of course, my own and apply to my every day life. Some are deep, and some are silly. All are spontaneous and came out rather quickly. I hope you find them as amusing as I do.