Bunnyhole Punch by Ayin Es

A furry rabbit hole punch drawing on a time card.

Bunnyhole Punch, inkjet print on time card by Ayin Es

This is an open edition inkjet print of a rabbit hole punch with fur! This is the tool that is used to make hanger holes in garment patterns in the manufacturing industry. It is printed with archival ink on a 3.5 x 9-inch timecard, just like the ones we used to clock in at work. This also comes with the pink timecard background on the flip side, so please specify pink or green when ordering.

Size: 3.5 x 9 inches, signed & dated.

$29.00 (plus $2 for shipping anywhere in the US)

Why this price? Because the Federal Minimum Wage was only $7.25 when I made this. An average worker in America made $29.00 for a half a day's work. And we wonder why 45 million Americans are still stuck below the poverty line? Don't even get me started about artists...