Outside by Ayin Es

Gocco Print on Letterhead.

Outside: Gocco print on letterhead by Ayin Es

These are limited edition special and unusual Gocco prints. What is a Gocco print? It's a bit like a toy that makes screen prints! Sometimes known as a Riso print, these small screen printing machines were made in Japan in the late 70s and were once widely popular. You can read a little about the process here.

This image, entitled Outside is featured in Scribbles in a Sandstorm published by Chance Press. They were also Gocco-printed on banana paper in the book, but these are printed on letterhead from the Schroeder Manufacturing Co., a refrigeration company in Oakland, CA. These are all signed and numbered by "Carol Es" because that was my name at the time. They are also slightly embellished.

Edition: 20
Size: 11 x 8.5 inches.
Price: $25 + Free shipping anywhere in the US.