Poor Me, 2011.

Watercolor and ink on paper,

8.5 x 7 inches.

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About This Artwork: Suffer, suffer, did she suffer? Living on roach bitten couches, she sold paintings for Happy Meals, or ate crackers, or nothing. It was better than enduring her mother's insults, her father's stupidity, or her brother's make-shift meth lab in the garage.

But did she suffer? Not really. Not when you think about the people living through the Holocaust, or those little kids that were left in that house, whilst their mother ran off to Spain for 3 months to meet some guy from the Internet. Eventually, she paid cheap rent in a quiet place, watched orioles feed on the bottoms of banana palms through the windows, and pain became beautiful. In that way, she was rich with distraction and the time it takes to forgive the miserable people and mangled souls from whence she came. THIS PIECE IS FRAMED.