Book of Life 2, 2011.

Watercolor and ink on paper,

8.5 x 7 inches.

Image detail

About This Artwork: A page created for Monsters on Jasmine St. published by Bottle of Smoke Press...

Forced to join the Campfire Girls, before her mother was placed in a mental institution, Cindy Popsicle got her teeth knocked out while playing a violent game of patty cake. She ran home to tell her mother, but on the way, she fell and skinned both of her knees on the hot pavement and dirtied her blue and white uniform.

Later that year, when Mom came back from the hospital, she baked cookies and cakes and took the Popsicle family to MacDonald's many times. ECT treatments turned her into a sort of June Cleaver. But it was 1976, the same year their nicotine stained couch would soon be sawed in half - and Mom would return to the hospital. Cindy Popsicle's memories of going to MacDonald's would be just a dream. THIS PIECE IS FRAMED.