In Other News..., 2012.

Watercolor and ink on Arches,

7 x 10 inches.

Image detail

About This Artwork: This comes from my sketch journal. I write how I am feeling, then try to draw it. This was created the day after the election. Here's a little bit of what I wrote:

Hundreds of little volcanoes erupted this morning when Michael accidentally erased the databases that run on all our websites. Luckily, there is an old back-up that can save us the trouble of rebuilding, but there are three months of work completely destroyed. In other news, Obama is still the president. Prayers have been answered, but not with the House of Representatives. Barack waited until the wee hours of the morning to finally give his speech and I wondered about how it was possible for the crowd to continue to be enthusiastic, waiving their little flags, for hours on end. They must feel a lot happier about the election than I’ll ever be. Or maybe it is the sociology of the crowd. It reminds me of a cult. Ignorance is bliss. They say that for a reason. However, I do miss the confidence and the feeling of being powerful in the cult. Now I see how empty that was though. A lemming I was. I am more human than I ever was, and perhaps braver than I ever was. I have survived a lot and I can say with certainty that I like me better than ever. As I am building self-worth, I see how far I have come and how far I still need to go.

What happened to how eloquently I used to write? Where are my metaphors and my poetic, ethereal finesse? It’s like an atrophied muscle. I haven’t used it in quite some time. A tiny morsel is still there, smoldering. Waiting.