Happy People

Stories from some of the crazies who have purchased my artwork.

"Carol Es's art lives in a special place in my imagination (not to mention on my walls). I know of few spirits whose expressions are at once so mercilessly honest and inexhaustibly forgiving. [Thier] work is not laughing at the world, or even with the world. [Thier] work is what a laughing world looks like when it sees the world as it is, in all of its twistedness and bumbling disrepair, and forgives it without limit. Carol's humor is all love"
     - John Michael Verde, Chicago, IL

"We have three of Carol's works in our home and absolutely love them. Not just the dolls but the Chai in our kitchen."
     - Kimberly Brooks, Los Angeles, CA

"Es Art is Essential Art. Carol Es does not fuck around with cohabiting disparate elements on a canvas from which a lesser artist could only hope meaning would emerge. Carol ties the different parts of [thier] life experience together (sometimes literally with thread through the canvas) with what I imagine to be both liberating and anxious self-examination. A courageous invitation to us to enjoy something amusing or heartbreaking or both within the same moment. Carol's art is [thier] essence."
     - Josh Margolies, Los Angeles, CA

"I own several prints, a small drawing, one original painting and one beautiful book made by Carol. I am thrilled with each purchase I've made. Carol is delightful. [They] responds quickly, warmly and sincerely. My Carol Es painting is especially precious. I love how it is simple and yet complex in it's little details. It hangs with two other special works above a book shelf in my living room, so that we (me, my family, and our guests) can enjoy it every day"
     - Risa Friedman, Denver, CO

"I love Carol's quirky sense of humor as well as [thier] deep humanity. I envy [thier] boundless energy. [Thier] graphics are beautiful. One of [thier] prints sits in my office reminding me of her everyday. And many of [thier] publications grace my book shelves. I love the titles too, like 'All Done But None'"
     - James Scott, Los Angeles, CA

"Carol's art work has never fallen asleep on the walls of my gallery nor in my personal collection. Each piece continues to engage me every time it comes into view. Even when the subject matter is filled with revisited and painful childhood memories, the works bring joy to this viewer. (They are} an artist of great humanity, a survivor, and a name to remember."
     - Beverly Kaye, Beverly Kaye Gallery, Woodbridge, CT

"I love the way the comic-book-real hand throws a punch into the abstractly-drawn face. This cross-genre melding gives the work a wonderful dimension. It is one of my favorites."
     - Bert Saper, Chicago, IL

"My husband went out to LA from Cumbria, UK and I suddenly realised he was going to be near Carol's studio. The result of this (with a budget and a wishlist!!) was a package brought home to me of Carol's work, reasonably priced and carefully presented. It's vibrant, bursting with energy and life. Humorous, challenging, colourful, meaningful - An absolute delight to own. You're Brilliant! It's a privilege to know you."
     - Katya Riley, Cumbria, UK

"For more than a decade 5 of your creations have accompanied my daily life. As a start in Newark, Delaware, than in Maastricht , the Netherlands and currently in Cologne, Germany. Every now and then I put them in other rooms so that they get a new breathing space whilst I develop a newer, fresher look. I am 100% certain that they will remain as part of my environment for many years to come."
     - Albert Dijkslag, Cologne, Germany