Excerpt from the Seattle Times, Visual Arts

Gayle Clemans, Special to The Times

Review of "Bookish" at Seattle University's Hedreen Gallery: David Bunn, Carol Es, Leo Morrisey

June 6, 2008

"...ambitious in theme but manageable in scale; the handful of works is intellectually suggestive and visually complex. As the title playfully indicates, the three artists in the exhibition - David Bunn, Carol Es and Leo Morrissey - create works of art that are related to books, but are not exactly, or only, books. They are approximations and tweakings of the combination of image and words, and explorations of how text, knowledge and narratives are organized and presented.

"...Es, a self-taught Los Angeles artist with a burgeoning career, is represented in this show by two of her handmade artist's books, which display charming drawings and witty writing. Her appealing approach creates a disjuncture - while also allowing a deeper engagement - with her achingly brutal statements about her difficult childhood.

"...We can respond emotionally, explore the complex visual experience and, yes, we can delight in being bookish ourselves, analyzing the many relationships between representation (in words and images) and meaning."