Excerpt from The Spectator, Vol 2, Issue 18

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT, Mathew Martell, Staff Writer

Review of "Bookish" at Seattle University's Hedreen Gallery: Leo Morrisey, David Bunn, & Carol Es.

April 30, 2008

"...Completing the book art triad for the exhibit is the work of Carol Es, whose 'An American Rhapsody' series uses the book page as a canvas for documenting modern day maxims such as 'I am trying very, very hard not to hate you,' as well as poignant stray thoughts plucked directly from Es' life.

"Her section of the exhibit also showcases two of her completed books, the pseudo-biography and artistic catalog '1-Self,' and the painfully humorous book-about-writing-books, 'All Done But None...'

"...Because of its amalgamation of literature and visual art, Es' section of the exhibit is certainly its strongest. Her life story is poignantly disturbing, and her audacious honesty delivers it in a way that completely consumes the reader. Likewise, the accompanying visual artwork sandwiched between Es' texts are so simplistic and stark that the audience becomes absorbed in the images, despite their stylistic immaturity."