Inez the Ghost Mother is Well, 2010.

Oil, paper, and embroidery on canvas,

48 x 108 inches.

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About This Artwork: This has much meaning to me, I do not know where to start. My parents died 8 or 9 months apart not too long before I made this. My brother, an Evangelical, alluded to the idea that my father, a Christian, went to Heaven and my mom, because she was a Jew, was going to Hell. (Nice!) Although I have made fun of my parent in my art, it is because I loved them. After they died, my muses died with them. Then, Dan showed up in my sketchbook one day and began to make me happy again. This painting is an ode to my parents, and one of my favorite painters, Robert Motherwell, and to Dan. I believe my Mom and Dad are together somewhere, and are well, perhaps thanks to Dan.