Eves Dilemma, 2008.

Oil, paper patterns, pencil, and thread on canvas,

30 x 30 inches.

Image detail

About This Artwork: This painting is part of a series I created on top of garment patterns in the shapes of Hebrew letters, this one being: Lamed. In Kabbalah, this letter has a lot of meaning and the painting is basically how I interpreted its meaning: a heart that understands knowledge. Parts of the story behind this letter have various numerical values, like heart (32) and Eve (19), i.e. the heart of Eve.

In the story of the Garden of Eden, where Adam is the secret of the brain, Eve is the secret of the heart and the snake. Adam and Eve, male and female, are the prototype spiritual forces of giving and receiving. I placed my parents in this painting as a sarcastic example of this and threw in the kitchen sink since I seemed to put everything else.