Transmission II, 2011.

Mixed media oil, paper, thread, and pencil on canvas,

29 x 38 inches.

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About This Artwork: This kept haunting me--an abstracted wheelchair. I drew the wheelchair upside down and blindfolded so that I could make it look unlike a real wheelchair. I did not want it to resemble a wheelchair literally, but it does and I wanted it to come out way more abstracted. Oh well. There you have it. People ask me what the hell that black, melty orb is. It is supposed to represent a deflated black hole. I use black holes a lot in my work, and they basically represent depression, but this one has run out of air, which comes from an Aimee Mann song called Real Bad News, where she sings: Ive got love and anger - they come as a pair, you can take your chances, but buyer beware. And I wont make you feel bad when I show you this big ball of sad isnt worth even filling with air...