40, 2004.

Acrylic, Timecards, and fabric on panel,

34 x 34 inches.

Image detail

About This Artwork: I am intrigued with collar shapes and the stories they tell about a person's occupation, personality, or gender. They often define us: our place in society, the era, our financial class. Collars can act as a veneer or a window into the subtle nuances of our psychological styles and expose our vulnerabilities. It presses close to the jugular, sometimes protecting, and sometimes dangerously asphyxiating.

Somewhere in this piece, very small, the word ''almost'' is written. Why did I do that? A lot of people have asked me about this. I have never given an answer, so I will explain it.

"Almost" represents the carrot on the stick. Never quite getting ahead, out of debt, or reaching past the working class. "Almost there... Just two more paychecks and maybe I'll be in a better place next month." This painting is framed.