Why Do I Exist?

I exist to create. Maybe that sounds like an artist's cliche, but ever since I can remember, I've had the intense drive to make things: Artist's books, music, paintings, you name it. I've been writing stories and poetry before I knew what these things were or even meant. I fashioned my first book of words and illustrations at the age of five and hardly remembered doing it. No one in my family was an artist, and I can't tell you where any of this inspiration came from because no one was encouraging it. Not by a long shot.

What Are My Values?

Love, authenticity, respect, privacy, and following one's inspiration. Taking risks, striving to create new things, and mentoring others mean the world to me.

What Do I Stand For?

Freedom, originality, trans rights, mental illness and disability awareness, research and development for emerging artists, and stuff like that there.

What's the Whole Story?

If you're interested, here's my whole basic schpiel for your files.